Role of MFE in IPS

By developing AFMIS, Ministry of Finance looks to implement a single, fully integrated, homogenous solution to cover the areas of strategy, planning and budgeting, all in conjunction with national, sector and cross-cutting strategies.
  • Sharing of budget and project information among all stakeholders
  •  The system is streamline by minimizing the manual work, capturing data at the source, making the data flow seamless from the start of the process till its completion and providing real time tracking capabilities.
  • Decrease the complexity of IT Architecture
  • Provides a comprehensive and complete overview of projects to all the parties involved both to the government and to external counterparts (donors and beneficiaries).
  •  Monitoring the performance of programmes and investment projects according to financial and non-financial indicators
  •  Maximize the benefits received from the existing Treasury applications (Maximize the value of the initial investments by extending those processes from the accounting dimension into the area of true financial management)
  •  Enforcing new security structures (umbrella type), to cover all applications while the users are now able to use a single sign-on and security profiles to access data in any phase of the process
  • Capture the data at source – to streamline the process of data entry by providing various user groups with user- friendly data entry forms