The Progress of AFMIS system during January-May 2020 is as follows:

  1. The Treasury team is following the daily operations. There are currently 102 budgetary institutions accessing the Web Portal. For the time being the Roll-out is focused only in the configurations of new users and BI’s in the system and the support of BI’s which are using the web portal already, an activity carried out by IT and the functional support staff at MoFE.
  2. With regard to MTBP and PIM, currently in AFMIS there are live 9 Ministries (out of 11 ) and 16 Budgetary Institutions ( out of 35). The process of data population and roll-out is not continuing due to Covid-19 restrictions.
  3. The confirmation of EAMIS- AFMIS integration document is already finalized and signed by NAIS team members.

All systems contracting status

  1. AFMIS rollout > Progress in using or rolling out MTBP, PIM and web portal. AFMIS contract was closed (no pending payments; acceptance certificate issued despite remaining interfaces and digital signature).
  2. IPSIS testing and acceptance > Progress in remote acceptance of IPSIS modules and remote training in place
  3. EAMIS acceptance and post-warranty is issued and in the process of signing with the developing company Synergy.