AFMIS team is working for preparation of Web- Portal rollout plan for 2020, which is expected to be ready by end of December 2019.  Nevertheless, several organizational obstacles and challenges for the Budgetary Institutions are identified, in relation to the access to web portal:

There are three types of challenges:

  1. There is a lack of logistics (no scanners in Budgetary Institutions even they are previously notified by TDOs);
  2. There are some issues regarding the compliance of financial specialists and execution officer functionalities with the internal financial controls rules in some Budgetary Institutions (financial specialist, which input the financial information and execution officer, which approve the financial information, is same person). The system is built in compliance with the internal financial controls rules: the person who register/input the financial information and the person who approve such information must be different persons.

During November other 15 institutions have been granted access in electronic archive and almost 50 employees are trained. The process has slowed down due to recent earthquake and damages in some BI’s offices.

In MTBP module two institutions have been granted access, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. AFMIS team is currently working to gather information about the PIM, MTBP, and BPPM from the line ministries and other central institutions in order to include them in system configuration.