Key functions to be supported by AFMIS

System and user performance monitoring

The AFMIS Unit will monitor the utilization of system modules and user experiences (number of concurrent users, daily transactions, reporting needs, etc.) on a daily basis, to complement the efforts of the NAIS specialists for monitoring the performance of data center operations and network connections (uptime, server loading, network security, user management, information security, database administration, etc.). The AFMIS Unit will also measure the impact of AFMIS integrated platform on operational efficiency gains, savings through Treasury Single Account (TSA) operations, and other service delivery improvements to demonstrate the benefits of the system and post these benefits regularly on dedicated AFMIS web site. The AFMIS Unit will prepare annual review report to summarize the performance of system operations, results achieved, and emerging needs/issues that require management attention.

Functional and technical support

The AFMIS Unit will provide necessary Call Center and Help Desk functions for 7,000+ internal and external users benefiting from existing web-based platforms managed by NAIS. There will be a functional support team (trained on all MIS modules) responding to user needs on system modules and reporting needs, in addition to the technical support team mapped to NAIS for assistance on technical challenges.

Web portal operations

AFMIS Unit will also manage the web portal operations for reliable access to 1,600+ budget institutions countrywide, as well as the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) located in Tirana. Existing capabilities (digital signature, digital seal, electronic records management, etc.) will be used to enhance the web portal functions for secure access, with support from NAIS specialists.

Data warehouse and web publishing

Data analytics (business intelligence, data mining) and web publishing (data marts, open data portals) will be supported through dedicated teams trained on specific tools available under new AFMIS and IPSIS Modules to support the needs of various MoFE and other government entities. Web publishing from existing databases, and the development of dynamic query options for different users will also be supported.

MTBP and AGFIS Integration, MTBP and PIM Integration, MTBP and BPPM Integration, BPPM and AGFIS Integration

Master data management

The implementation of AFMIS and integration of its components among each other and with other government systems requires sharing of master data, which shall all use the same codification.